Buller Built began in the late 1970's when Kermit was racing and building engines for motocross racing. His reputation for building and blueprinting two-stroke engines grew and in time, some karters from the area began to bring him their engines to be blueprinted as well. One thing led to another, and when Kermit's motorcycle racing career ended Builler Built Incorporated was born and began to serve the karting market.

Kermit's early products included his idea which became known as the "jackshaft" and even his own two stroke open motors. Naitonal Championships followed and the company grew until 1988 when the first Buller Chassis was produced. The line of chassis continued until 1995 when Buller Chassis ventured into the four cycle racing arena with the "95 offset." Again, Buller Built won races and worked hard to improve intil 1998 when the "Bully Clutch." Was introduced. Today, Buller Built services the dirt and asphalt oval racing community with its line of offset chassis, the two stroke sprint, road racing, and oval market with its superior line of racing engines, as well as the entire 4 stroke community with its popular line of Bully Clutches and grandnational briggs engines.

Buller Built was started as a family business and remains one in practice and in spirit. The phones may be busy from time to time, but no call is ever unimportant, and every question matters to us. If there is anything Buller Built can do to make you go faster, or to make you better enjoy the sport of karting, we are more than happy to serve you.
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